BOUQUETS - LongLasting Flowers
Keep your Flowers longer by following these simple steps: 1. Check the water level in the container as soon as you get the flowers in the house. This includes any flowers that were delivered. 2. The ideal temperature for flowers is between 40ºF and 50ºF. Store your flowers in your fridge overnight will make them last longer. If they won't fit in your fridge, place them on the floor in the coolest room in your house at night. 3. Remove all leaves from the part of the stem that is submerged under water. 4. Cut flowers will last longer if the stems are prepared correctly. Preparing the stems helps them take up water quickly. To prepare stems: • Cut about one-half inch off the end of the stem at about a forty-five degree angle. Don't use dull scissors to cut the stems because they can crush the stem. • For best results, cut the stems underwater. Cutting them under water prevents air from getting into the veins in the stem of your flower. • Place the stems in deep water and leave them there for a few hours before moving them into shallower water. 5. Change the water everyday. If it is difficult to remove the flowers from the vase, use a turkey baster to remove the water. 6. A teaspoon of sugar added to the water will help renew flowers. 7. Keep the flowers out of direct sun and away from heat and drafts. Even a fan can cause flowers to wilt quicker. 8. Remove any dying flowers immediately. Dying flowers emit ethylene gas that will cause the other, healthy flowers to wilt.
ORCHIDS (Phalaenopsis)
Temperature: Phalaenopsis enjoy much the same temperature range as we do. The minimum temperature at night is 60-65 °F, while the average daytime temperature should be around 75-85 °F. Occasional deviations will not harm your plant, except when it is in bud - chilly temperatures may cause the plant to stop budding. Light: Phalaenopsis will flourish indoors under normal lighting conditions, with indirect sunlight being the most advantageous. Caution should be used when placing a Phalaenopsis in direct sunlight due to the fact that its leaves burn easily from too much exposure to the sun. Water: Water often enough to keep continuous moisture just below the surface of the medium, but be cautious of over-watering. Watering once a week is normally sufficient to keep your plant healthy and happy. Humidity: Phalaenopsis enjoy moist air, with a humidity level of 55-75% being ideal. Placing your plant over a tray or dish of water can increase moisture. Separate the pot and tray with pebbles or small stones to raise the height of your plant and ensure that it does not sit directly in the water. Feeding: Good results may be obtained by using a high-nitrogen fertilizer year-round at 1 teaspoon per gallon of water. Feed your plant once a month. In this instance, less is more. So be sure not to overdo it. Repotting: Plants should be repotted every other year and, because they grow upwards without spreading, can go back into the same sized pot. A medium-grade wood bark works well with the base of the bottom leaf at the surface of the medium. Water sparingly until new roots are well established. Note: When the last flower drops, cut your flower spike halfway down the stem. Continue caring for it and wait for a possible rebloom.

Care Tips Every Flower Lover wants the flowers in their arrangements and the plants to stay in good shape as long as possible.

Cut flowers and most plants are highly perishable, very sensitive to their environment, and have a short shelf life. This is why life-prolonging techniques are essential.

Water is the lifeblood of the plant. It carries food, supports the stalks, leaves, buds, and flowers. Flowers require clean pure water to survive.

Cut flowers also need food to survive. Using a floral food will help increase the lifespan of your cut flowers.

This section shall give you a guideline and help to find answers to some questions you may have.



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